Monday, March 17, 2014


American Horror Story can largely be credited as one of the leading forces in bringing about this horror tv show revolution that we're currently in the middle of. The first season created waves that were cemented by the second season and now the series is about to enter it's fourth.

I'll openly admit that I didn't watch season three. It held literally nothing of interest for me, and seemed like it was more tailored for the female demographic. I will eventually settle in and give it a go, but that's what makes American Horror Story's format so great. It's an anthology; you don't have to watch every season. While some people loved Murder House, others were bigger fans of Asylum (myself included), still others were fans of Coven.

Well, get prepared for season four's offering: American Horror Story: Carnival. Whether or not that will be the title, it has officially been confirmed (via Nerdist Writers Panel podcast) that season four will take place at a carnival in the 1950's. The only other tidbit of information is that Jessica Lange will once again star, this time with a German accent.

So what do you think? Did you watch Coven? Which was your favorite season? Sound off below!

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