Wednesday, November 27, 2013


I remember a huge turning point for me, when I went from being scared stiff to absolutely entranced by horror movies, was when I began to have this unexplainable feeling and desire to learn everything I could about the horror movies that I was beginning to love, as opposed to despise. I spent hours watching the special features and documentaries on films like The Omen and The Exorcist, and I can safely say that this is something that has never really changed with me. I still spend hours watching YouTube videos of behind the scenes footage, make up tests, camera tests, anything I can feast my eyes on. 

I was very excited to hear about this, K. John McDonagh has begun production on what will be the most in depth and prolific Hellraiser documentary ever released. Entitled Leviathan: The Story of Hellraiser & Hellbound: Hellraiser 2, the documentary will take you behind the scenes of the two greatest films of the franchise (as well as two of the greatest films in horror history) by bringing back key members of the cast and crew for interviews and stories. Simon Bamford, Barbie Wilde, Nicholas Vince, Oliver Parker, Christopher Figg, Geoff Portass, Roy Pudefoot, Cliff Wallace, Mark Coulier, John Midgley, and many more are set to make appearances. 

Leviathan: The Story of Hellraiser and Hellbound: Hellraiser II is a feature length documentary uncovering the history, making of and unknown details of the making of Clive Barker’s Hellraiser and Hellbound: Hellraiser II films.

With interviews and testimonies from those most closely involved, we hope to bring a comprehensive insight to these classic cult films.

Following the story of the films from their inception through production to release and the their subsequent lives and growing fan base, we aim to show fans and those less familiar with the films both the technical skills, the creative idea, the symbolism and the legacy of these movies.

Delving deep into the director’s vision and ambitions for the project we’ll be exploring where he came from, where his career had taken him and the inspiration for the story and world he created. We’ll be telling the story of his journey of making them and how close they came to his vision at the time and how he feels about them over 25 years later.

I'm surprised to see that Doug Bradley's has not been attached yet, but I feel that it's pretty safe to say that we will see the man himself sharing plenty of stories from behind the pins. I can't wait to see how this comes along, and you too can keep up with the news at the film's website and Facebook page

HELLBENDERS Finally Receives Release Date! Blu-Ray and DVD on February 18th!

I love, love, love me a good horror/comedy. A lot of people hate them, but there's something special about laughing your ass off while people are mercilessly butchered that just warms the heart. If you've seen Tucker & Dale vs. Evil or The Cabin in the Woods then you can probably relate to what I'm saying, as I don't know anybody who disliked either of those films. 

You've probably seen me mention this one on here before, I have been very excited to get my hands on this one (same with Bad Milo, however I've been too lazy to rent the damn thing from Amazon), but Hellbenders is coming to 3D Blu-Ray and HD DVD on February 18th, 2014! I have loved everything I've seen about this movie thus far, it looks like an amazing mix between Bad Santa and The Exorcist

Directed by J.T. Petty and starring Clifton Collins Jr. (Pacific Rim), Clancy Brown (Cowboys and Aliens) and Andre Royo (HBO’s “The Wire”): “There are demons so terrible that no mortal man of God could successfully drive them back to Hell. The only option is for the exorcist himself to invite possession and then commit suicide, dragging along the demon to damnation – so the Augustine Interfaith Order of Hellbound Saints – or Hellbenders – was formed. A group of elite, highly-trained exorcists, they live in a constant state of debauchery so they will be ready to go to Hell at any moment. When an infernal Norse demon called BLACK SURTR escapes into New York City intent on cracking open the gates of Hell, the Hellbenders must use every ounce of their debauchery to battle the demon and save the planet from eternal damnation!

Jason Voorhees - Back From The Dead Again? New Reboot Coming in 2015

This news can be looked at in a variety of ways, but whichever way you look at it, it's happening. Paramount Pictures has announced yet another reboot to the infamous Friday the 13th franchise, slated for release on March 13, 2015 (the first Friday the 13th of 2015). 

Jason was last seen on the big screen in Marcus Nispel's reboot in 2009. While the critics largely lauded it (then again, who cares what they say), it still scraped in over $90 million world wide. While there is very little known about this new addition, what we do know is that it is not a sequel to the reboot but another reboot itself, and that Paramount is tossing around the idea of a found footage concept for the film. 

As always, we are stuck in the "wait and see" game. 

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Romero's DAY OF THE DEAD Gets Re-remade With The Help of Mark Tonderai

Well, remakes are not exactly the most uncommon thing in the world of horror, however, remakes of remakes, now that's... new? Some of you might remember back in 2008 when Millenium released the Steve Miner directed attempt at Romero's eponymous Day of the Dead (read my review of Romero's classic here). It didn't exactly go over so well. So I guess Millenium wants to take another stab at the film, as they've announced the green light on yet another attempt at remaking the film, this time with House at the End of the Street director Mark Tonderai. 

To be honest? This news is so subpar, I might just be lulled off to sleep by it. Mark Tonderai has done little to really contribute (or even come close to making his mark) in the world of horror, so to be taking on a film like this is quite the feat. His one film, House at the End of the Street is mediocre at best and I'm saying that while putting general dislike for Jennifer Lawrence aside. 

So, will Bub rise again? What are your thoughts on this? Mine are very mixed, as Day is literally one of the three or four zombie movies that I actually like.

Monday, November 25, 2013

10 Facts You May Not Have Known About THE SHINING

Back on October 30th, I had the opportunity to see my personal favorite film on the big screen for the first time, and what an experience it was. To experience The Exorcist in that fashion was a beautiful experience, but The Shining… that was borderline religious. I spent All Hallows Eve with a packed house of eager faced people, some who had never seen the film, others just as big a fan as I am, and the Torrance family, and it could not have been more perfect. 

I had yet to see it in this format, it’s true format, and after seeing The Exorcist, I couldn’t wait. In honor of that, let’s take a look at the iconic film by Stanley Kurbick and some facts about the film that may surprise you.

Now, I’ve been wanting to write a series about King for a while. I’m sure a few of you may remember me discussing this a while back, but it’s been a daunting task. I mean, I have so many thoughts about his work, that’s it’s hard to express in a length that would be tolerable to read. You can absolutely expect a very in depth analysis of this film in the future, but for now, let’s celebrate it with this list of facts and trivia about the 1980 classic.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Jeepers Creepers 3 Moves Forward! Will Creature Features Find Their Way Back to the Big Screen?

So, in the past few weeks since I've been gone there has been a flurry of news surrounding several different huge announcements. This is one of them. A couple weeks ago, rumors started making the rounds that there would be a third installment in the Jeepers Creepers franchise. I am all about this. Jeepers Creepers is a fun, creature feature inspired flick that has all the chills of a classic monster movie with the gritty, grotesque aesthetic of Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Last week, STYD announced that there were some rumblings come from the Victor Salva camp, who directed the first 2 films, claiming that a third film could be going before the cameras soon. Now, Bloody-Disgusting is stating that it is in fact happening, we'll see returning cast as well! 

Ray Wise is set to return, in addition to The Creeper himself (Jonathan Breck) and Gina Harris.

While it's shocking that such a distant franchise is being rebooted, I can't say that I'm not excited. I liked the first two, and I feel that they're largely overlooked as solid horror flicks.

- Rg Lovecraft

Bill Moseley is Slashing His Way Back Into the Spotlight in "The Summer I Died"

Bill Moseley. We all love him. From Choptop to Otis Driftwood, the man is a horror visionary and an absolute favorite of mine. While he hasn't done too much lately (aside from the ill-fated Manson Girls), word has just broke that he has been signed on in the lead role of Riothouse Entertainment's adaptation of Ryan C. Thomas' novel The Summer I Died

Moseley will be playing another psychopathic killer, only referred to as "Skinny Man" by the characters, in the film. What is described as visceral and extremely violent (so much so that it is considered one of the most violent and disturbing novels of all time), the novel “tells the story of Roger and Tooth: two lifelong friends who, while out on a day trip into the woods, find themselves at the mercy of a sadistic madman and his bloodthirsty dog when attempting to rescue a woman screaming for help.

Eric Pereira, who's film American Girls is currently making the festival rounds, will be heading up the project in directorial duties with casting to be complete by the end of the year and principal photography to begin in February. 

Who's excited to see the master back on the screen? Heaven knows I am. 

- Rg Lovecraft

Monday, November 18, 2013

The Sunshine Award

So funny things can happen sometimes. As I posted last week (in my apology for being absent the past few weeks), I have been crazy busy with moving. I am in the final stages of getting settled into the new place, and this morning when I finally settle in to check backed up e-mails and comments I see that I am now the grateful recipient of the Sunshine Blogger Award

This is my first blogging award, and I am very excited to have finally received one so I would like to extend a huge thank you to Warden Stokely, who was gracious enough to share the love with me. Read on below for a little Q&A action with yours truly:

The Rules:
1. Include the award's logo in a post or on your blog 2. Link to the person who nominated you 3. Answer 10 questions about yourself 4. Nominate 10 Bloggers 5. Link your nominees to the post and comment on their blogs, letting them know they have been nominated

1. How long have you been doing this, and when did you launch?
I launched on April 1st of this year. My inaugural post was a review of Fede Alvarez' Evil Dead, so the site sat dead until April 12th when the review went up. I was also originally running it on Tumblr, but quickly moved over here to Blogger which I far prefer now that I'm on it.

2. Most pleasant blogging surprise:
The pure and unadulterated joy that this is bringing back into my life. At times, I feel like I'm 13 years old again, when horror films went from ungodly and terrifying to having a certain allure. I feel my passion and love for the genre reignited every time I sit down to write an article or review, and that alone has been the most satisfying of this thus far.

3. Most hard won blogging wisdom
I would have to say that would be finding that fine line between being unbiased and still injecting enough of your own opinion into the material to keep your readers interested in your reviews/articles. As bloggers, we cannot be completely unbiased. We are people, and readers seek out our opinions because they are just that, OUR opinions.

4. Topic of your favorite post
That is a hard one, however I think it may have to go to my Classic Review of The Exorcist. It is the only film that I have ever given a perfect 10/10 to, and I don't think I will ever give that rating to another. It started out as a basic enough review, and quickly turned into a love letter filled with gushings about all of the aspects that I love and, in my humble opinion, make the film perfect. This was continued in an entry I posted last month, after seeing the film on the big screen at Arclight Cinemas in Sherman Oaks, CA.

5. Favorite movie franchise This is tough for me as I am not generally a fan of franchises. Rarely are they strong from start to finish, but there is one that stands out in my mind above the rest (I am knowingly avoiding Evil Dead and Re-Animator as those can go without saying), and that is Wes Craven's seminal horror franchise - Scream. This may be the first time I say it on this blog (as I have feared sure-to-come lynching), but I am not a huge fan of his Elm Street franchise. Scream, however, is not only of my all time favorite films, but also one of my all-time favorite franchises. While the earlier are stronger than the latter, it is still a solid franchise from start to finish.
6. Favorite animal?
I saw this question when Warden answered it and I still have no idea how to answer it myself. I believe I am going to have to go with dogs. 

I talk horror, not animals, sorry for the incredibly obvious answer.

7. Recent movie you most feel the need to re-evaluate?
I have been struggling (perhaps that's a strong word) with The Conjuring since I saw it for the first time a few weeks ago. I feel I need to give it a second watch to be able to fully come to terms with how I'm feeling about it, I will say though that I think it was Wan's strongest effort yet in that I didn't completely hate him after watching it. 

8. Favorite band
I think it will always be safe to say that The Beatles will be my favorite band. They have been there when I needed a laugh, a cry, a dance or a shake. I would have to say that The Foo Fighters would be a close second.

9. Favorite movie to subject straights to even though I’m almost certain they won’t enjoy it?
Oh my, well there's no doubt about it: Killer Klowns from Outer Space. Every time. I love the looks that I get from people after having shown them that film, and getting the inevitable question, "How can you like that!?". It makes me laugh every time. I suppose Creepshow and Evil Dead 2 are close seconds.

10. Favorite movies to subject straights to because I’m certain they will enjoy it? 
I believe it depends on their taste, so generally I will ask them what style of film they generally enjoy and go off of that. I've found that The Devil's Rejects and Scream tend to go well though. 

Now it's my turn to pick some lovelies to bestow a little sunshine on, and I'm going to send out some love to all of my followers. Thanks for reading guys, it means a lot, and as this award is all about spreading awareness of eachother's blogs, here ya go! I'll extend a huge thank you to Warden, once again for nominating me, as well as Grimm for being a faithful reader! I would include you, however you've already won!

As always everybody, keep it spooky...

- Rg Lovecraft

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I Swear to God I'm Not Dead...

Iiiiiii'm moving! Oh joy. 

Replace all labels with "Supernatural" "Occult" or "Serial Killer" and you have a good idea of what my life looks like right now.

SO, I just wanted to give all you lovely people an update as I have been a horrible blogger, missed Halloween and been gone for going on 2 weeks. I will punish myself with a long and strenuous weekend of moving boxes, unpacking, putting together Ikea furniture and wanting to kill myself. I'll be back first thing Monday with a round up of everything that I've missed over the past few weeks!

- Rg Lovecract