Monday, November 18, 2013

The Sunshine Award

So funny things can happen sometimes. As I posted last week (in my apology for being absent the past few weeks), I have been crazy busy with moving. I am in the final stages of getting settled into the new place, and this morning when I finally settle in to check backed up e-mails and comments I see that I am now the grateful recipient of the Sunshine Blogger Award

This is my first blogging award, and I am very excited to have finally received one so I would like to extend a huge thank you to Warden Stokely, who was gracious enough to share the love with me. Read on below for a little Q&A action with yours truly:

The Rules:
1. Include the award's logo in a post or on your blog 2. Link to the person who nominated you 3. Answer 10 questions about yourself 4. Nominate 10 Bloggers 5. Link your nominees to the post and comment on their blogs, letting them know they have been nominated

1. How long have you been doing this, and when did you launch?
I launched on April 1st of this year. My inaugural post was a review of Fede Alvarez' Evil Dead, so the site sat dead until April 12th when the review went up. I was also originally running it on Tumblr, but quickly moved over here to Blogger which I far prefer now that I'm on it.

2. Most pleasant blogging surprise:
The pure and unadulterated joy that this is bringing back into my life. At times, I feel like I'm 13 years old again, when horror films went from ungodly and terrifying to having a certain allure. I feel my passion and love for the genre reignited every time I sit down to write an article or review, and that alone has been the most satisfying of this thus far.

3. Most hard won blogging wisdom
I would have to say that would be finding that fine line between being unbiased and still injecting enough of your own opinion into the material to keep your readers interested in your reviews/articles. As bloggers, we cannot be completely unbiased. We are people, and readers seek out our opinions because they are just that, OUR opinions.

4. Topic of your favorite post
That is a hard one, however I think it may have to go to my Classic Review of The Exorcist. It is the only film that I have ever given a perfect 10/10 to, and I don't think I will ever give that rating to another. It started out as a basic enough review, and quickly turned into a love letter filled with gushings about all of the aspects that I love and, in my humble opinion, make the film perfect. This was continued in an entry I posted last month, after seeing the film on the big screen at Arclight Cinemas in Sherman Oaks, CA.

5. Favorite movie franchise This is tough for me as I am not generally a fan of franchises. Rarely are they strong from start to finish, but there is one that stands out in my mind above the rest (I am knowingly avoiding Evil Dead and Re-Animator as those can go without saying), and that is Wes Craven's seminal horror franchise - Scream. This may be the first time I say it on this blog (as I have feared sure-to-come lynching), but I am not a huge fan of his Elm Street franchise. Scream, however, is not only of my all time favorite films, but also one of my all-time favorite franchises. While the earlier are stronger than the latter, it is still a solid franchise from start to finish.
6. Favorite animal?
I saw this question when Warden answered it and I still have no idea how to answer it myself. I believe I am going to have to go with dogs. 

I talk horror, not animals, sorry for the incredibly obvious answer.

7. Recent movie you most feel the need to re-evaluate?
I have been struggling (perhaps that's a strong word) with The Conjuring since I saw it for the first time a few weeks ago. I feel I need to give it a second watch to be able to fully come to terms with how I'm feeling about it, I will say though that I think it was Wan's strongest effort yet in that I didn't completely hate him after watching it. 

8. Favorite band
I think it will always be safe to say that The Beatles will be my favorite band. They have been there when I needed a laugh, a cry, a dance or a shake. I would have to say that The Foo Fighters would be a close second.

9. Favorite movie to subject straights to even though I’m almost certain they won’t enjoy it?
Oh my, well there's no doubt about it: Killer Klowns from Outer Space. Every time. I love the looks that I get from people after having shown them that film, and getting the inevitable question, "How can you like that!?". It makes me laugh every time. I suppose Creepshow and Evil Dead 2 are close seconds.

10. Favorite movies to subject straights to because I’m certain they will enjoy it? 
I believe it depends on their taste, so generally I will ask them what style of film they generally enjoy and go off of that. I've found that The Devil's Rejects and Scream tend to go well though. 

Now it's my turn to pick some lovelies to bestow a little sunshine on, and I'm going to send out some love to all of my followers. Thanks for reading guys, it means a lot, and as this award is all about spreading awareness of eachother's blogs, here ya go! I'll extend a huge thank you to Warden, once again for nominating me, as well as Grimm for being a faithful reader! I would include you, however you've already won!

As always everybody, keep it spooky...

- Rg Lovecraft


  1. Thank you, RG, for including me in that array of outstanding bloggers. The Sunshine Award is much appreciated! I am following your blog now, and looking forward to getting better acquainted with all your writing! Best, John

    1. Of course John! Glad we could connect over this, and thanks ever so much for the follow!

      - Rg Lovecraft

  2. Many thanks for this. It's really rewarding to learn that not only is someone actually reading what you write but actually appreciates it!

    Well deserved also, yours is one blog I do come back to regularly though I should comment more!

    Cheers, Steven

    1. Of course, I love your blog and I thought this would be a great way to connect with some bloggers that I admire in the horror blog-o-verse. Cheers!

  3. Hey RG, hope this finds you well. Congratulations on your award! And thanks muchly for the shout out. Keep up the good work.

    1. Hey James! Thanks, and I love your blog. You deserve it just as much as I do! Looking forward to connecting more in the coming months, hope you have a great week!