Thursday, August 8, 2013

HORROR ON TV - THE EXORCIST: Next In The Long List Headed to Television

Okay, so I don't know how to say this without being biased, or sounding like an asshole, but this is my blog so I can cry if I want to. 

Morgan Creek, who owns the rights to The Exorcist, has begun shopping around a drama series based on the iconic and legendary film which is being written by Jeremy Slater. You may know him from the long forgotten Fantastic Four film. Roy Lee (The Ring) is set to executive produce and apparently there has been interest from both broadcast and cable networks. This comes after last years failed attempt to sell the idea, although under a different writer (Sean Durkin; Martha, Marcy, May, Marlene). 

What the fuck? Excuse my language. I've bit my tongue over Hannibal. Although I've been a bit more vocal about my disdain for The Scream series on MTV,  I didn't say anything about Bates Motel (albeit, that's a great show), and I decided to look the other way when Sleepy Hollow was announced, but THIS?! I just can't. They only way in hell that this will have a chance is if Showtime, HBO or Netflix sweep in and allow the director to have complete and utter free reign over the project but even then, how in the hell are they going to create an entire season around the exorcism of Reagan, much less an entire series? It was easier to ignore all these terrible TV adaptations but this one is just absolutely ridiculous to the point that it makes me angry.

This is what I call groping at sticks, or what most call milking the proverbial cow dry and it pisses me off. This is the greatest horror film of all time, show some respect.


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